Born in the city of Atlanta  JGOTITT grew up surrounded by the high life and star studded energy that comes with the territory when you are truly from the Hip-hop music capital. At the age of 17 years old JGOTITT witnessed his mother die from a massive seizure and to make it worse JGOTITT has only met his biological father 1 time in life. After witnessing the death of his mother JGOTITT turned to drinking and drugs.


JGOTITT has always been a talented freestyling type of artist and before the death of his mother she would always tell him that he should take rapping more serious and after realizing he had to find new motivation to go on he decided to go full speed at his dream of being a rap star like some of his celebrity associates from his neighborhood in mechanicsville.


In 2019 JGOTITT met music producer Gregory "D" Blake and later joined with Blake's music company Hits On Fye Inc and recorded the songs Dripp, Bounce That and When I want featuring young dro and more set to be released mid September.

Manager: Gregory Blake @ richgates404@gmail.com



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